#featuredartistofthemonth – October

Introducing our #featuredartistofthemonth for October: @woodism_ink

Woodism is a family business, which uses the work of a Father (Sonny) and Son (Woody) team – a narratice that is truly exceptional.

Ever since Woody was a small boy he had wonderful way with words, creating unique phrases from love and friendship to life’s big feelings. These then became known as Woody’s ‘Woodisms’, and gave a glimpse inside his beautiful autistic mind.

Sonny then turned these ‘Woodisms’ into linocut prints as a fun way to connect with Woody and help share his words with the world.

A collection of Woodism’s prints are now held in a permanent collection at the V&A Museum, London, where you can also buy the designs from.

They create affordable accessible art, which has a true family story and feel. Be sure to go and check out all their art/designs over on their website - https://woodism.co.uk/

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