Drop Shipping with Indigo Giclee

At Indigo Giclée, we understand the complicated balance between creating remarkable art and ensuring it reaches your audience seamlessly. Our print-on-demand drop shipping service allows you to focus on your craft while we handle the logistics of delivering your exquisite art pieces directly to your customers.

Streamlined Art Sales Automation

Selling your art online has never been easier. Through our print-on-demand service, you maintain your online art gallery or website, and once an order is placed, we step in to handle the printing, packaging, and shipping.

Discreet and On-Demand Drop Shipping

Our drop shipping service is designed for seamless integration with your sales process. You sell through your platform, and upon notification, we swiftly dropship award-winning fine art and photo prints directly to your customers, maintaining discretion and professionalism throughout the entire process.

Global Reach with Gallery-Quality Prints

Ensuring that your art reaches your customers promptly and in impeccable condition is our priority. We ship your art ensuring gallery-quality prints and frames reach destinations across the globe. Moreover, our service extends to even the most remote locations, making your art accessible internationally.

Environmentally Conscious Shipping

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the art itself. We take pride in offering an end-to-end carbon-neutral service, ensuring that your art travels sustainably to its destination, aligning with your values and dedication to the environment.

Tailored White Label Service

Maintain your brand integrity with our 100% white-labelled service. Each order is shipped as if personally dispatched by you, ensuring a seamless extension of your brand's quality and commitment to your customers.

Certificates of authenticity and signed prints available upon request.

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