Artist Credits

Indigo Giclée


At Indigo Giclée we are lucky enough to work with a huge range of extremely talented artists. We have used some of these artists' work throughout our website, so have credited said artists below.

Cyndi Speer

Cyndi is a fine artist based in Suffolk. Her artworks are predominately oils and mixed media onto canvas. She is greatly inspired by the beauty of the Suffolk countryside, and the nature that is held within. Her work is constantly evolving; subject matters change, her use of colour and abstraction of perspective remains bold and intriguing. Strong graphic elements flow throughout with composition being at the heart of every piece of work. Characteristic wide brushstrokes are overlain with finer, delicate detail often with the inclusion of patterns. Her depiction of the natural landscape lends itself to being described as ‘dreamlike’ and ‘surreal’. Private commissions are available upon request. Her work ethos is simple; challenge perceptions, whilst capturing the beauty of the natural world. Check out their website

Ellie Benton

Ellie’s paintings are joyful and celebratory pieces depicting wildlife and portraiture. She enjoys taking monochromatic images and injecting them with explosions of colour. Ellie does not attempt to capture a subject in a realistic manner, but instead uses the subject matter as a vehicle to experiment with colours and mark making. Her method of painting is a way of conveying ideas and feelings through a composition, distorting portraiture with a sense of fanaticism. Ellie has exhibited her work in galleries all across the UK and Australia, with many paintings and prints now decorating the homes of people internationally. Check out their website

Phillippa Gunn

I’m a contemporary artist born and bred in Suffolk. I originally trained as a hairdresser but at the age of 28 I suffered a stroke due to having undiagnosed congenital heart disease. During my recovery, I found a passion for art. I would spend all my time researching and trying out different techniques. 10 years on, and my passion for painting has grown. I love to paint the English countryside using bright, bold, striking colours. My preferred medium is acrylic to capture depth and contrast, whilst using a very free, loose, fluid brush. Often adding a splatter art technique to encourage movement and layering. Check out their website

Terry Flower

Terry Flower is an artist and educator living on the Essex Suffolk border. He trained at Goldsmiths College London, BA Hons. Fine Art. The University of Brighton, MA illustration and The University of Essex, MA Creative writing. His work is centred around landscape photography and writing/poetry. My approach to landscape is that no place is mundane, each has some magic to offer and rewards those with time enough to pause and engage. Very often it’s as simple as taking time to notice the overlooked or disregarded elements in nature. It’s out there, in the most ordinary of places, happening every day. My work celebrates the visual, textual, sensual, and visceral aspects of the landscape.  It encapsulates my belief that: just to notice is an act of love. Terry Flower. Contact

Tom Curtlin

I am a self-taught realism artist working with graphite and charcoal. My current work primarily focuses on wildlife, but is not limited to the subject. The goal of my artwork is fairly simple - to create art that I find aesthetically pleasing and engaging, whilst also evoking empathy for the subject(s) and allowing a moment for reflection. Failing that, I aim to create artwork I would happily hang on my own walls. Originally from Pembrokeshire, South West Wales, I now live in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, with my beautiful wife and two amazing children. Check out their website


At the age of three Woody was diagnosed with autism. As he developed he seemed to have a unique way of viewing the world and expressing himself. So Woody’s dad began creating linocut carvings of some of his original phrases as a way of holding on to Woody’s touching words. The creative process gave Woody and his dad a chance to connect as they worked on the designs. And it gave Woody a newfound confidence - he sometimes struggled at school and found handwriting particularly challenging, but suddenly his words became important. People wanted to hang them on their walls. In his words, Woody says; “I’m famous! I’m the author!”. Check out their website

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